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Intex IT, a leading provider of cyber security and forensic investigation, helps organisations address the challenges of GDPR compliance. Our team of certified experts from the fields of IT, business and law help you earn customers trust by guaranteeing strong privacy practices.

GDPR Consultancy

We help organisations adapt to and prepare for the GDPR.

Cyber Forensic

We examine digital media using forensically sound techniques. Forensic Techniques - preserving, analysing, identifying, presenting, and recovering data.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials lets you verify that your suppliers have these security basics in place. Support your tendering process for suppliers Protects your company Assets Help reduce risk by correctly implementing controls

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Professional and Dedicated Cyber Security and Forensics Investigation Consulting Services

With over 22 years of experience in forensic investigation, Intex IT is amongst the most advanced cyber security companies in the United Kingdom. Our team of consultants having expertise in Cyber Security, Information Security GDPR and Forensics Investigation offer a comprehensive range of innovative and independent forensic testing solutions throughout the UK.