Intex IT, a leading provider of cyber security and forensic investigation, helps organisations address the challenges of GDPR compliance. Our team of certified experts from the fields of IT, business and law help you earn customers’ trust by guaranteeing strong privacy practices.


As a trusted partner to organisations and businesses on data protection and privacy, Intex IT offers a wide range of consultancy services to help organisations adapt to and prepare for the GDPR.


We support clients in a variety of sectors and industries, from healthcare to technology to retail and manufacturing. Whether you are multinational or a Small to Medium Enterprise, we can tailor our GDPR consultancy services to your particular demands.


We assess your organisation’s current GDPR compliance position and propose a remediation plan to address the risks and gaps with our GDPR gap analysis.


Intex IT also performs a GDPR data flow audit that includes getting and sharing an inventory of the personal data held by your organisation and a data flow map of your processes.


Intex IT also provides legal support and advice to your DPO in managing data protection, reviewing and updating your privacy policies, notices, supplier agreements and international data transfer contracts.