About Us

About Us

Intex IT was founded in 2002 and provides information and Cyber Security services to organisations nationally and internationally.

We are customer focused and we  provide Consultancy in the following areas:


  • ISO 27001 –Information Security Management System (ISMS),

  • ISO 27005 – Risk Management,

  • Vulnerability Assessment,

  • Penetration Testing,

  • Website & Application Penetration Testing,

  • Web Server Penetration Testing,

  • Web Services Testing,

  • External Infrastructure Penetration Testing,

  • Firewall Penetration Testing,

  • Penetration Testing,

  • Network (on-site) Penetration Testing,

  • Server Security Audits,

  • Wireless Penetration Testing,

  • Mobile Application Penetration Testing,

  • Social Engineering Services,

  • Red Teaming,

  • Risk Monitoring and Review


We can come and monitor our implemented mitigating controls and review to ensure that they are working as planned, and that the calculated residual risk level is accurate. Understanding an organization and its context.

  • Defining a risk management approach.

  • Selecting of risk analysis methodologies.

  • Defining risk evaluation criteria.

  • Identification of assets, threats, existing controls, vulnerabilities and consequences impacts).

  • Assessing of consequences and incident likelihood.  Determining the level of risk

  • Evaluating risk scenarios.

  • Evaluating risk treatment options. Selecting and implementing information security controls and performing a risk management review.



 Our Consultants have the top security qualifications

             Certified Ethical Hacking                                    CISSP         

             CompTIA Security +                                             CompTIA Network+

Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)

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